June 23, 2015

Design Caveats - Active/Standby Network Devices connected via vPC

in Cisco
Within this article we will look at a simple network design and the various caveats and considerations involved. Initial Design The initial design (shown below) is simple - a pair of network devices (in this instance Cisco ASAs) connected to a pair of Nexus 3k's switches. Each firewall is connected to both switches via the use of vPC.This design is sometimes considered based on the thought that…

What is HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) ?

in Concepts and Terminology
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a security policy based on RFC9767 designed to protect domains against both downgrade and passive network…

Cisco - What is vPC (Virtual Port Channel)

in Cisco
What is a Port-Channel ? Before we dive into vPC its important to quickly review Port-Channels. A Port-Channel is a technology that provides a way to…

What is Auto-Scaling?

in Cloud
What is ? Auto-Scaling is a concept within cloud computing that can mean one of two things: Auto-Scaling is a process of virtualization resource…

BIGIP - Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM)

in F5 BIG-IP
What is AFM ? Introduced within 11.3, AFM (Advanced Firewall Manager) is a licensed module for the BIGIP appliance that provides stateful firewalling…

How to Graph TCP Delta Times in Wireshark

in How-Tos
Wireshark provides the ability to calculate the amount of time between packets. This data can then be used within the IO graphing tool of Wireshark…

Mitigating Network Attacks on the Juniper SRX

in Juniper
The Juniper SRX provides an extensive set of options to block and prevent both internal and external based network attacks. Within this article we…

Certificate Revocation (CRL vs OCSP)

in Concepts and Terminology
Introduction Certificate Revocation is used within PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to instruct the client that the certificate can no longer be…

Welcome to Fir3net 2.0

in Site
After months of work and the migration of over 1000 articles we are pleased to announce fir3net 2.0. The new site brings a number of new features…

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