Cannot Play YouTube Videos on VodaFone iPhone - Cannot Play Back Not Supported


You may find that if you have a iPhone with Vodaphone that when you try and play a video from within YouTube you receive the error :      

           "Cannot Play Back Not Supported"

You may also encounter issues with other apps such as the inbuilt weather app.

Please Note : You may also find that you can access YouTube videos through you iPhone when connected to WiFi.

Cause / Solution

This is down to Vodafone enforcing something called a "content bar". This restriction prevents the playback of YouTube videos on your iPhone via 3G. In order to remove this you will need to :

  1. Contact Vodafone and request they turn off "content bar" on your account.
  2. They will then send you a message to say that this has been removed.
  3. Once you have the message reboot you phone by holding down the top button and sliding the bar on your screen to power off the phone.
  4. Hold down the top button to then power the phone back on.
  5. You should now be able to view YouTube videos.