Check Point Tool - dbdel ver3.1 is pleased to release dbdel ver3.1. This is basically a wrapper for Check Points existing dbver tool, but allows you to remove 100`s of Database Revisions with one simple command string. Unlike dbver where you have to add each database revision id. This allows you to add the amount your want to remove and then does the rest for you.


View the script  here / Download the script here. You can then copy and paste the script into your manager. 

Adding the script to your manager

Below shows you the steps required to add the tool to your Check Point manager.

[Expert@sc-manger]#cat > dbdel
<-- paste script -->
[Expert@sc-manger]#chmod +x dbdel
[Expert@sc-manger]#mv dbdel $FWDIR/bin


Below shows you the switches the tool allows you to use.

[Expert@sc-manger]# dbdel ?
usage: dbdel [-d number | -b id_number | -s | -c | -l ]
List, count and remove multiple database revisions

   -d      number of db revisions to remove
   -b      remove this db revision id and all before
   -s      size of all DB Revisions
   -c      count DB Revisions
   -l      list  DB Revisions
   -?      usage


[Expert@sc-manger]#  dbdel -c
Total number of Database Revisions = 13

Remove DB Revisions

[Expert@sc-manger]# dbdel -d 632
Are you sure you want to remove 632 from the current 732 DB Revision(s) ? [Y/N]y
Successfully removed 632 DB Revision(s)

Remove DB Revisions before

[Expert@sc-manger]# dbdel -b 122
Are you sure you want to remove the Database Revision 122 and all Revisions before? [Y/N]
Successfully removed 122 DB Revision(s)

Show the Size

[Expert@sc-manger]# dbdel -s
Total size of all DB Revisions = 4.2M

List Revisions

[Expert@sc-manager]# dbdel -l
 | ID              Date           |
 | 61 | Fri Oct  2 11:05:21 2009 |
 | 62 | Tue Nov 17 11:04:23 2009 |


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