Installing NSM 2009.1 on RHEL 5

Within this tutorial we will be installing Juniper NSM 2009.1 onto a RHEL (Redhat) 5 server.


Below describes the steps within the above video :

Transfer Files

Copy the required files across to your server. These files are : &
You will also need to ensure you have rsync and unzip installed.

Update your server

To ensure that the NSM has all the required dependencies installed you will need to update you server by running the update package. This is done by unzipping the zip, untar`ing the tarball and running the install script.

Change Kernel Settings

The following kernel setting will need to be set "kernel.shmmax = 402653184". This change can be done by running the following line :

sed -i 's/kernel\.shmmax.*$/kernel\.shmmax = 402653184/g' /etc/sysctl.conf 

Once done you will need to reboot your system.

Install NSM Software

Unzip the install package and then run the install script.
Once installed you can run log into the NSM GUI and import your firewall device. This is outside the scope of this article.

Please Note : Within the video tutorial the sections where no input appears to be entered the default setting (value with sqaure [#] brackets) is being used by just pressing the enter key.

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