Netscreen - DDNS : Last response - not init

The below is based on the netscreen ns5gt and the firefox web browser.


After setting up your netscreen for DDNS, in the UI of your netscreen the last response is shown as 'not-init' and within the CLI it shows 'successful updates: 0'.
To get the id of you ddns config run just the command `get dns ddns` via the CLI.

ns5gt-> get dns ddns id 209
Id:                     209
State:                  Init
Socket:                 -1
Type:                   dyndns
Clear-text:             no
Refresh-int:            3 days 14 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds
Min-update-int:         2 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds
Next-update:            1 minutes 0 seconds
Username:               ******
Password:               **********
Agent:                  Netscreen-6.2.0r1.0-0064032004004624
Src-interface:          ethernet3
Host-name:             *****
Last-response:          not-init

Successful updates:     0
Failed updates:         0
Server lookup failures: 0
Socket creation errors: 0
Socket connect errors:  2
Socket send errors:     0


This is normally down to the netscreen not having the required Certificate installed. These are the steps,

  1. Go to the website and double click the padlock.
  2. Click View Certificates, click the details tab, click the Certificate Hierarchy of Equifax Secure CA
  3. Click Export and then save the certificate.
  4. Go into the Web UI of the Netscreen and go to objects, Certificates, and upload.
  5. Go back to the DDNS section and click refresh.
  6. You should now see from the output of get dns ddns that it has successfully updated.

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