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Data Life Line is a  backup application that allows you to back up your data to a remote location, and removes the need for backup media. Further information on this product, can be found at

Heres some FAQs which may help, otherwise full details are in the following document ..

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Q: How do I remove data from a backup set?
A: Remove the data from the backup set but then also perform a selective delete via Sets>Delete>Selective Delete

Q: Backup is reporting Disk Quota Reached?
A: View Backup set report via Reports to view where the bulk of the data is.
    * Keeping in mind that the protected size is uncompressed and the stored side is compressed
Then edit the selection and do selective delete after checking with the Client to see what they do not require anymore. A change in their retention policy may be required if no more data can be reduced.
Additional tools like WinDirStat can be used to report file and folder sizes as an aid to reduce space.

Q: No data is showing in the Stat Report?
A: Run the daily admin within Setup>System Activities. You may also want to check the schedules for the backup sets.

Q: The Server containing the Data life Line software is reporting that it has lost connection?
A: Restart machine.

Q: The backup set is highlight red.
A: Backup set is out of sync. Re-Sync the backup set, by right clicking on the backup set and selecting synchronize.

Q: When I do a backup set there are no exchange or SQL options?
A: Go to Setup and select advanced.

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