GNS3 Windows - Cant start Dynaips on port 7200


  1. When I try and click test under Dynamips I get test failed to start dynamips
  2. When I try and drag a router over to the main screen I get   Cant start Dynaips on port 7200


This is normally down to the paths in "Perferences > Dynamips" not being correct, check that both both exsist and they have the relevant permissions.
I found in my case I just removed the second path from "Perferences > Dynamips > Working directory" and it started working.
You may also find that there is 2 instances of GNS3 running, so just close both in task manager and restart GNS3. You can also try and remove and lock files in the dynamips folder (i.e c7200_i0_lock)

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