Googles New Browser - Chrome

Google have just released the beta of their new browser.
This can be downloaded here



New Tabs - on clicking on the plus sign at the top of the page, Google Chrome will display a new page showing bookmarks, and recently visited pages.

Dynamic Tabs - You can drag, move and even drag a tab into the current window to create a new window.

Application Shortcuts - to create an application shortcut, that can be opened in its own Google Chrome window. Click on the page menu (top right) and select create application shortcuts.

Crash Control -To check the resources for each of the open pages (tabs), right click on the blue bar at the top of the window and select task manager. This will allow you to kill, and monitor the browsers resources. Funky !!

Incognito Mode - This allows you to browse the web without storing it on your computer. Select the page menu (top right) and select "New Incognito Menu".

Secure Browsing - Suspected Malware and Phishing sites will now present you with a warning.

Bookmarks - To add a bookmark click on the star top left, or to import bookmarks click on the settings menu ( spanner - top right) and select "Import Bookmarks and Settings"