Fir3net`s Recommended Open-Source Tools and Apps

Over the years there are a number of open-source tools and programs that we have come across. This page will look to provide links and descriptions to these tools.

Please Note : This page is currently still work in progress....

Graylog2 Open source. Log management Logging Server
Logstash Events and logs management tool Logging Server
REDbot HTTP anyalis tool Online Tool
HostTracker Website uptime monitor Online Tool
Browsershots Browser compatibility test Online Tool
mtr Network testing tool. Combines 'traceroute' and 'ping'. Linux/UNIX Tool
pstrings Displays the ASCII text from a processes RAM Linux/UNIX Tool
Lynis Security auditing tool for UNIX. Highly recommended !! Linux/UNIX Tool 
Fivebit text compression module Python Module

Do you have an online program or program that you would like to submit to the list ? Just add your suggestions to the comments below......