Microsoft - DS Tools

DS Tools are great for batching large changes to the Active Directory. Here are some examples:

dsadd group

dsadd adds a group.

dsmod group "cn=Accounts,ou=South,dc=Carsltd,dc=com" - addmbr "cn=salesman2,ou=Sales, dc=Carsltd,dc=com"

dsquery group

dquery queries a group.

dsget users [Users DN] -memberof


Within this example PC1 would be moved from the OU "PSOU" to the OU "PCS TEMP"

C:\>dsmove "cn=PC1,ou=*PCSOU,dc=MYCOMANY,dc=org,dc=uk" -newparent "ou=*PCS temp,dc=MYCOMPANY,dc=org,dc=uk


Further information on DS Tools can be found at

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