Check Point - Installing an HFA

HFA stands for Hot fix accumulator. Which is a bit like a Windows Service Pack but for your Check Point Firewall.
The documentation from the Check Point site on how to install these, is very good, and also contains the IPSO installation instructions.

Below are the basic instructions on how to install the latest HFA 30 on a SPLAT platform,

  1. Move the HFA into the tmp directory
  2. Decompress the package using gzip -d or gunzip -vt
  3. 'cd / ; mkdir hfa ; cd hfa'
  4. 'tar -xf <package name>'
  5. './Unixinstallscript'
  6. Once complete, reboot system
  7. 'fw ver -k'
  8. Update the SmartCenter’s inventory of product versions by using the “Products | Get Data From All”

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