May 13, 2016

What is SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) ?

in Protocols
SR-IOV is a technology, by Intel created to improve the networking performance of virtual machines. Interrupts First of all it is important to explain how interrupts are involved within packet processing. The process to remove and read packets from the wire, in both virtualized and non-virtualized systems is interrupt driven. When a packet is received on the NIC, an IRQ (interrupt request) is…

How to Create a Site to Site VPN Between AWS and a Vyatta vRouter

in Brocade
Within this article we will show you how to create an IPSEC site to site VPN from a Vyatta vRouter into the AWS cloud. Due to the nature of AWS VPNs,…

AWS S3, Storage Gateways and Import/Export

in Cloud
Simple Storage Service (S3) S3 provides secure, durable and highly scalable object storage. The key features to S3 are, Objects are replicated across…

How to Build a RESTful API using the Django REST Framework

in Django
The Django REST Framework (DRF) allows you create REST based APIs quickly and simply, providing a range of features such authentication, error…

A Beginners Guide to OpenStack Neutron

in Cloud
Introduction Neutron, introduced within the Folsom release, is a cloud networking controller and a networking-as-a-service project within the…

Cisco ASA 5585X Architecture Deep Dive

in Cisco
introduction Within this article we will take an in-depth look into the architecture of the Cisco ASA 5585X. CHASSIS The Cisco ASA 558X is a chassis…

Design Caveats - Active/Standby Network Devices connected via vPC

in Cisco
Within this article we will look at a simple network design and the various caveats and considerations involved. Initial Design The initial design…

What is HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) ?

in Concepts and Terminology
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a security policy based on RFC9767 designed to protect domains against both downgrade and passive network…

Cisco - What is vPC (Virtual Port Channel)

in Cisco
What is a Port-Channel ? Before we dive into vPC its important to quickly review Port-Channels. A Port-Channel is a technology that provides a way to…

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