How do I Uninstall / Install the Connectra Plugin ?

First of all check to see if the Connectra Plugin is installed.

[Expert@R65-Manager]# fwm ver
This is Check Point SmartCenter Server NGX (R65) HFA_50, Hotfix 650 - Build 011
Installed Plug-ins: Connectra NGX R62CM


To uninstall follow these steps :

  1. Run the plug in clean up ultility
  2. Then remove the package
    rpm -e CPPIconnectra-R65-00
  3. Reboot the manager.


Below shows you the steps to install the Connectra Plugin on your Smart Centre Gateway

  1. Copy the file CPPIconnectra-R65-00.i386.rpm from the /linux/CPconplg directory of the SPLAT R65 Installation CD to your Smart Centre Server.
  2. Then run the command
    rpm -ivh /[path]/CPPIconnectra-R65-00.i386.rpm
  3. Reboot the manager.

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