SmartView Monitor incorrectly shows status as Disconnected


  • The SmartView Monitor shows the status of your gateway as "Disconnected".
  • It takes for ages before your gateway shows as "Connected.
  • No AMON (Application Monitoring) packets (tcp/18192) are leaving the SmartCentre Server for the gateway.


This can be down to issues within the Database files for the SmartView Monitor. Below will show you how to backup the files, and recreate these files.

Log into your SmartCentre Server and run the following commands,

cd $FWDIR/conf
mkdir svm_bkup
mv applications.C* svm_bkup/
mv CPMILinksMgr.db* svm_bkup/

Check the the files have been recreated,

ls -l application* CPMILinks*

Now log back into the SmartView Monitor.

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