Check Point Upgrade to R70: status=1 Patch installation failed


When upgrading to R70 on SPLAT you may receive the following error,

CPwrapper: Wrapper part one completed successfully, data saved
Upgrading the operating system.
Preparing to upgrade Check Point Products.
Exiting ..
Patch installation failed.

Please Note : This refers to a copied iso file which has been copied to the device and mounted rather then an upgrade with physical cd media within the cdrom drive.


This is due to not changing to the /mnt/cdrom directory before running the `patch add cd` command. You can also run into problems were you have mounted the `Check_Point_R70_CD1.Splat.iso` but there is still a CD in the drive. To resolve the issue/error above you need to,

  1. Go into sysconfig
  2. Select option 10 (Product Installation)
  3. Run through the wizard again.
  4. Once complete reboot the firewall.

Additional Notes

Before running through any upgrade you should first confirm that their is no cd mounted or inserted into the drive

  • To confirm if there is a CD mounted run – `mount | ls -l /mnt/cdrom`
  • To confirm if there is a CD present in the drive – `mount /mnt/cdrom` (you should get “mount:no medium found”)

Once you have checked that there is no disc in the drive copy the file across, mount, change directory and then run the patch command,

mount -o loop [path to iso] /mnt/cdrom
cd /mnt/cdrom
patch add cd


Rick Donato

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