PIX Commands

Heres a few PIX commands that may come in useful. 

Performance / Usage

sh mem Shows memory used and amount free
sh cpu                                                           Shows % of CPU used
sh perfmon Show the performance of various connections
sh traffic Show the traffic stats
sh resource usage system Shows the system utilization
sh service-policy Shows the amount dropped due to MFP
sh asp drop Shows drops
sh asp table socket Shows open sockets for PIX
sh logging | i -1- Shows severity 1 logs
sh failover | i This Show the failover status of node (Active/Standby)
sh resource allocation  Show resource allocation
sh run all Show the running config in detail
sh run all tcp-map Show the tcp-map settings
sh conn
Shows the connection table


ctrl+shift+6 cancels running process by user
sh run | i (icmp|ssh)                                        shows any instances of icmp and ssh in the running config
show run nat-control                                         show whether NAT control is enabled (security levels used)
sysopt connection tcp-mss [mss_size] change MSS size allowed through PIX
test [command] test a command
help [command] show additional help on a command
vpnsetup Help configuring commands for VPN (priv mode)
show startup-config errors 
show startup errors

Protocol Inspection

sh run class-map Show your current class-maps
sh run policy-map Show the policy-map
sh run service policy Show your service Policy


crypto map MAP 10 set phase1-mode aggressive Configures VPN as aggressive mode
sh vpn-sessiondb detail index <#> Show the details for a VPN session entry