Juniper SRX - Configuring Source NAT with pool

Below provides a short guide in configuring source NAT with an address pool on a Juniper SRX.
The following example creates a pool with a network. This pool of addresses are then used during the translation of source addresses.

In addition to the pool we also configure the following options:

set address-persistent - this ensures that PAT translations for a host are translated through the same IP.
set port-randomization disable - as this feature can use a large amount of resource it is disabled.

root@srx100# edit security nat source 
[edit security nat source]

root@srx100# set address-persistent
root@srx100# set port-randomization disable
root@srx100# set pool nat-pool address
root@srx100# set rule source-nat-pool-rule match source-address
root@srx100# set rule source-nat-pool-rule then source-nat pool nat-pool

Tags: Juniper, SRX, NAT