Netscreen - Basic Config

Below is how to set up the basic configuration on a Netscreen firewall.
Also bear in mind that if you are setting up a NSRP cluster, be sure to set the management IP to a different IP to the management interface.

set hostname myfirewall
set ssh enable

set admin name root
set admin password mypassword
set admin manager-ip

set clock 10/07/2008 18:14
set clock timezone 0
set clock dst-off

set interface eth0/2 ip manageable
set interface eth0/2 manage-ip
set interface eth0/2 manage ssh
set interface eth0/2 manage ssl
set interface eth0/2 manage web

unset interface eth0/2 telnet
unset interface eth0/2 snmp
unset interface eth0/2 ping

set interface eth0/2 ip
set route gateway


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