Netscreen – Overview of basic Traffic Shaping

There are 3 main types of traffic shaping on the Netscreen firewalls.

  • Interface Based traffic shaping.
  • Bandwidth allocated shaping in policies.
    • Priority based traffic shapping in policies.

Policy Based

Policing Bandwidth: Traffic beyond this threshold is dropped at the ingress side of the security device.
Guaranteed Bandwidth: Traffic below this threshold will be passed with highest priority without being subject to any traffic-management or traffic-shaping mechanism.
Maximum Bandwidth: Any traffic beyond this threashold is dropped..
Traffic Priority: This allows you to set the priotrite of your traffic.
DiffServCodepoint Marking: Selecting this option maps the eight ScreenOS priority levels to the DiffServ system. Which in turn either maps the DS byte or the TOS byte.
DSCP Value: Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) is a field in the header of IP packets for packet classification purposes.

Interface Based 

You can set the Egreess and Ingress maximum Bandwidths for your interface(s).

Rick Donato

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