Netscreen Syslog Logging Formats

Below are the 2 types of syslog messages. This can be useful to quickly determine on a NSM whether the logs are coming from the NSM or directly from the Firewall via syslog.

Syslog from the Firewall

Mar 18 17:56:52 [FW IP] [FW NAME]: NetScreen device_id=netscreen2  [Root]system-notification-00257(traffic): start_time=”2009-03-18 16:07:06″ duration=0 policy_id=320001 service=msrpc Endpoint Mapper(tcp) proto=6 src zone=Null dst zone=self action=Deny sent=0 rcvd=16384 src= dst=

Syslog from the NSM

Mar 20 14:47:48 [NSM IP] 20090320, 17331, 2009/03/20 14:47:45, 2009/03/20 14:47:50, global, 53, [FW NAME], [FW IP], traffic, traffic log, trust, (NULL),, 1725,, 2383, untrust, (NULL),, 80,, 80, tcp, global, 53, [FW NAME], fw/vpn, 4, accepted, info, no, Creation, (NULL), (NULL), (NULL), 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, no, 0, Not Set, sos

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