Brocade ADX - Commands

The following commands are based upon Brocade ADX 12.4.

Show Commands

show ip int show interface(s) ip`s
show default values show defaults
show server global show global configured parameters
show ip vrrp-extended brief show cluster status
show server real show real server stats
show server real http [real server] show real server http details for given server
show server real [real server/port] detail show details of real servers port or real server
show server virtual show virtual server stats
show server bind show virtual to real server bindings
show server global show global parameters
show server sessions show summary of real server connections
show cookie-info show content switching cookie information
show statistics ethernet 1 show interface stats
rconsole / sh sessions all 0 / rcon-exit show flows across all BP's (Barrel Processors)

RCON Commands

The rconsole is used to view and run commands across the various processors i.e BP. To invoke the rconsole the commands rconsole is used. To exit use rcon-exit.

show ssl statistics counters shows connection attempts and succesful completions.
show ssl statistics alert if errors are show RX increase the issue is on the ADX.
show ssl statistics show statistics for ssl flows (12.4u includes SSL/TLS version stats).
show ssl debug  shows failures and causes such as certificate verify failures. 
show ssl con show ssl connections. 
show cp debug show client/server connection details.
show cp stats show client/server connection stats.

Server Commands

server no-fast-bringup stops port becom`g ACTIVE until Layer4&7 healthchecks are successfully completed
[no] server no-periodic-arp enables/disables periodic L2 health checks
[no] server no-real-l3-check enables/disables periodic ICMP healthchecks
server disable-ping-vip-down stops vip responding to ping if all backend servers are down
server msl 2 change maximum session life in delete queue to 2 secs
server l7-dont-reset-on-vip-port-fail used to allow csw to still be used when all servers are down (12.4+)
server l7-tcp-window-size <size> limit size of packets in large HTTP requests that can cause BP buffering issues
server l7-dont-ack-last-packet prevents drop of last packet in request after CSW decision has been completed
server l7-rewrite-pkt-in-sequence prevents issues with ooo packets when using csw content insertion/rewrite by ensuring they are sent in order

Real Server Commands

max-conn <VALUE> configures the total maximum of connections per real server

Port Profile Commands

tcp keepalives 5 1 modify layer 4 healthchecks
tcp keepalive use-master-state tie the health status of the alias port to the master port

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