Brocade ADX - Configuring a Port Alias

Port Alias`s provide the ability to bind a single Real Server to multiple Virtual Servers. This is achieved via the real-port option from within the bind command.

Below shows an example,

Create Real Server 

First the Real Server is created with a port alias. Here the real port will be port 80 and the alias port 8080.

server real REALSERVER1
 port http
 port http keepalive
 port http url "HEAD /"
 port 8080

Configure Virtual Server

Next the Virtual server is configured. The bind command is used to bind the alias port to the Real Servers real port.

server virtual VS-TEST1
 port http
 bind http REALSERVER1 8080 real-port http

server virtual VS-TEST2
 port http
 bind http REALSERVER1 8080 real-port http