Brocade ADX – How do I clear the debug-filter buffer ?

Within this article we will look at the commands required to clear the debug-filter buffer on an ADX Loadbalancer.
The command that is used to clear the buffer is “no buffer-size <buffer size>”. Below shows the necessary steps.

First of all we place ourselves into the debug filter prompt. We check the amount that we have in the buffer. Next, we set the buffer to 10Mb. Then we clear this buffer size by issuing “no buffer-size ….”. Finally we then issue a summary on the buffer to confirm that it is empty.

[email protected]#debug filter
[email protected](debug-filter-all-BP)#summary

Number of packets captured: 582

[email protected](debug-filter-all-BP)#buffer-size 10000
[email protected](debug-filter-all-BP)#sh buffer-size
Capture buffer size: 10240000 bytes

[email protected](debug-filter-all-BP)#no buffer-size 10000
[email protected](debug-filter-all-BP)#summary
[email protected](debug-filter-all-BP)#

Rick Donato

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