F5 LTM - Configuration Files

Configuration Files

/config/bigip.conf main configuration file containing objects for local application traffice such as pools, virtuals servers, pools etc.
/config/bigip.license system licenses
/config/bigip_base.conf networking components (bigpipe base load) not sync`d for HA setups.
/config/bigip_local.conf stores virtuals servers for GTM
/config/bigip_sys.conf stores the Linux/UNIX configuration objects
/etc/alertd/alert.conf defines custom SNMP OID`s.

UCS (User Configuration Set)

A UCS archive is a compressed file that contains all of the configuration files that are typically required to restore your current configuration to a new system. These files are:

  •     All BIG-IP specific configuration files
  •     BIG-IP product licenses
  •     User accounts and password information
  •     DNS zone files and ZoneRunner configuration
  •     SSL certificates and keys


bigpipe config save /var/local/ucs/backup.ucs
bigpipe config install <filename>  (ensure that the hostname matches the previous system)

SCF (Single Configuration File)

From version 9.4.2 the BIG-IP includes a new feature called SCF (Single Configuration File). A SCF is a single flat file containing all of the necessary configuration required for provisioning a new F5 LTM system.


bigpipe import
bigpipe export

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