Upgrade SMS Brightmail Appliance from 7.6.1-14 to

This document will provide the required steps in order to upgrade the SMS Brightmail appliance from 7.6.1-14 to


1.      Navigate to “Administration > Hosts > Version”
2.      Click “Backup Now”
3.      Under “Backup Data” select “Full Backup”
4.      Under “Backup To” select “Store Backup on server”
5.      Click “Backup Now”
6.      Download the backup via “Administration > Hosts  > Version > Restore/backup”

Upgrade SMS Brightmail Appliance


Within the upgrade we will perform the following steps,

1.      Download the update (this can be done in advance)
2.      Stop the scanner accepting new mail.
3.      Allow queues to empty
4.      Stop the Controlcentre services (if required)
5.      Install update
6.      Re-enable mail flow through the firewall.

Note : All of the following steps are preformed via the CLI prompt via the default admin user account.

Download Update
Download the update via the command update download and confirm install candidate via update list

mx-1> update list
 Get:1 http://localhost i386 release [366B]
Fetched 366B in 1s (300B/s)
 Hit http://localhost i386/stable pkglist
Reading Package Lists... Done
 Building Dependency Tree... Done
 Installed: 7.6.1-14
 Candidate: 8.0.0-24
 Version Table:
 8.0.0-24 0
500 http://localhost i386/stable pkglist
 7.7.0-17 0
 500 http://localhost i386/stable pkglist
 *** 7.6.1-14 0
 500 http://localhost i386/stable pkglist

Stop the scanner accepting new mail
Stop all mail flow to the scanner via the command “pause-mode reject”
Then allow the SMS to empty its queues. The queues can be checked via the command “mta-stats”.
Note : Lines have been omitted with !

mx-1> mta-stats
inbound_queued_msgs: 1
outbound_queued_msgs: 0

If the device is also running as a Control-Center, once the queues have emptied stop the Control-Center services via the command “service controlcenter stop”.

Install update

Via the console port run the following command “update install”
Once completed, the device will reboot.

Re-enable mail flow through the firewall.
Run the following command to re-enable the traffic flow “pause-mode normal”.
Then check all the required services are running via the commands

·         pause-mode status
·         mta-control all status

Version / System Health Check
Check that the new version has been installed via running the update list command.
Confirm the device is healthy via “Controlcenter (GUI) > System > Logs”

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