Solaris – Configuring an Interface

In this example we will configure interface qfe1 with the an IP of and set the speed to 100 full duplex.

Bring up the Interface

To bring up and plumb the interface, we first need to type the following, (change the IP to yours)

ifconfig qfe1 plumb
ifconfig qfe1 netmask up

Update the /etc/netmasks file with the network address and subnet mask, if not already present (the required line is below), 

For the new interface , first edit the /etc/hosts file and create a new entry. The space should be a tab.            solarisserver-qfe1

Now create a new file /etc/hostname.qfe1 and add the entry


To do the above but using less effort (and lines) try the following,

ifconfig qfe1 plumb ; ifconfig qfe1 netmask up 
echo "\t255.255.255.0" >> /etc/netmasks
echo "\t"`hostname`-qfe1 >> /etc/hosts
echo `hostname`-qfe1 > /etc/hostname.qfe1

Set Duplex

ndd -set /dev/qfe instance 1 
ndd -set /dev/qfe adv_100fdx_cap 1

Then to make the change permanent add to /etc/system

set /dev/qfe1 adv_100fdx_cap 1

Below is a reference to the difference abbreviations :

instance 1 = port instance 1
adv          = advertise
cap          = capability
1             = enabled
0             = disabled

Check the interface

Check the IP address and status of the interface

ifconfig -a

Set the interface we are going to check,

ndd -set /dev/qfe instance 1

To check the link, (reply of 1 = LED is active, 0 = Line is dead)

ndd -get /dev/qfe link_status

To check the negotiated speed,

     1=100mbit for qfe & hme, 1 Gbit for ge.
     0=10mbit for qfe & hme, 500 mbit for ge.

ndd -get /dev/qfe link_speed

To check link mode, (1= full-duplex, 0 = half-duplex)

ndd -get /dev/qfe link_mode

Remove the Interface

Disable interface qfe1

ifconfig qfe1 down

Remove the interface qfe1

ifconfig qfe1 unplumb


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