Solaris Upgrade Export “Error: Failed to execute ‘gtar -c -C”

When running an upgrade_export on a Solaris Smart Centre you may receive the following error :

    Compressing the files… gtar: Only wrote 2047 of 10240 bytes to export.tgz.tar gtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    Error: Failed to execute ‘gtar -c -C “/opt/CPsuite-R65/fw1/tmp/upgrade_temp_dir” -f “export.tgz.tar” .’ command [ 26409     1]@#######[10 May 15:35:27] Compress:
   Error >> Failed to run gtar -c -C “/opt/CPsuite-R65/fw1/tmp/upgrade_temp_dir” -f “export.tgz.tar” . command
   Error: Failed to compress Check Point Software files

This is down to a 2Gb limitation of the gtar command. There are 2 ways to resolve this issue :

  • Reduce the size of the files that are being gtar`d. The best way to do this is by normally clearing out any unwanted DB Revisions.
  • Replace the standard gtar command (both the Solaris and Check Point provided binary) with the latest version of gtar. Then when you relaunch the upgrade_export gtar will be able to handle more then 2Gbs worth of files.
Rick Donato

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