Check Point – Moving Files using SCP

Method 1

Even though this maybe more of an article for the Linux area, the only reason I came across this is trying to move the output of a upgrade_export from my SPLAT box, so hence it being under Firewalls – Check Point.

If you keep getting prompted with a password box when trying to connect edit the following file on your SPLAT Box /etc/passwd

Change the shell for your login account from /bin/cpshell to /bin/bash

Note !! Make sure to change this back after copying the files across otherwise users will be able to connect straight into expert mode.

Or you can try this method,

Method 2

  1. Add the username of the firewall you are moving the file to, to a file ‘/etc/scpusers’
  2. Then on the device you want to transfer the file from run,

scp <file to transfer> remoteuser@remoteip:<remote location>

So if you wanted to do all of this in one line, then try (check before doing this that there isnt already a scpusers file),

echo admin > /etc/scpusers && scp myfile.txt [email protected]:/tmp

This would create a scpusers file for the user admin, then tranfer the file myfile.txt to to the folder /tmp.

Rick Donato

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