Check Point - Provider-1 Export / Failed to export Error


When trying to run an upgrade_export from a Provider-1 you get the following error, 

Failed to export. Please close all Check Point clients.
If the failure to export persists, stop all Check Point Services and run the upgrade_export command again.


Note: The upgrade_export command is run from the $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools directory of the CMA.
Note: This solution is based on R55.

Remove the following Links,

#mdsenv [cma]
#rm $FWDIR/conf/cp-admins
#rm $FWDIR/conf/cp-gui-clients
#rm $FWDIR/conf/packages.c 

Delete the links, and then run:

#mdsstop_customer [cma]
#mdsenv [cma]
#mcd bin (note the path)
#cd upgrade_tools
#./upgrade_export /var/tmp

If you want to continue to use the CMA you will need to restore the links. Here are the steps to restore your CMA,

#mdsenv [cma]
#mcd conf
#ln -s /opt/CPmds-R55/conf/mdsdb/cp-admins.C cp-admins
#ln -s /opt/CPmds-R55/conf/mdsdb/cp-gui-clients.C cp-gui-clients
#ln -s /opt/CPmds-R55/conf/mdsdb/packages.c packages.c
#mdsstart_custmer [cma]

If you require a full guide to exporting a Provider-1 CMA and importing into a Smart Centre please click here

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