Netscreen – Console settings

In this article we will be looking at the various console commands available to us on the Juniper Netscreen.

From entering the get command we can see the current console settings along with console session details,

ns5gt-> get console
Console timeout: 10(minute), Page size: 22/22, debug: buffer
privilege 200, config has not been changed!
ID State  Duration  Task        Type   Host
 0 Login       399    13112444 SSH
 1 Login   2580915 13125440 Local
 2 Logout        0    13114496 Local
 3 Logout        0    13100132 Local

 Below we can see the options available to us,

ns5gt-> set console ?
dbuf                 debug pipeline to buffer
disable              disable local console
page                display by page
timeout            timeout on console

By default the CLI console outputs pages, per 20 lines and any “key” must be hit to continue to display more of the CLI console output.To disable the console pager enter the following,

ns5gt-> set console page 0

To set the console timeout enter the following,

ns5gt-> set console timeout 60

To redirect all debugging messages to the buffer enter the following

ns5gt-> set console dbuf

 Note : Remember to save any configuration changes that are made by using the save command.

Rick Donato

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