NSM - I`ve Forgotten / Lost my NSM Password

Have you lost, forgotten, misplaced the NSM password ?
Below are the steps to reset your "super" account password,

NSM 2006.x and below

  1. Log into the NSM via SSH as root
  2. Stop the NSM Server (you should be able to find the init scripts in /etc/init.d)
  3. Run the following command /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/utils/.hashPasswd <new password>, you will receive a hash
  4. Confirm the current hash by using cat /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/var/global/admin_table.nml | grep :password
  5. Run the following command sed -i s/oldhash/newhash/g /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/var/global/admin_table.nml (you will need to enter your oldhash and new hash details)
  6. Confirm the new hash is being used using cat /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/var/global/admin_table.nml | grep :password

NSM 2007.x and above

  1. Log into the NSM via SSH as root (if you running NSMXpress use #su nsm)
  2. Run the command /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/utils/ /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/var/xdb admin 1 0 /__/password "glee/aW9bOYEewkD/6Ri8sHh2mU="
  3. This will stop the NSM GUI services and reset the NSM server password to netscreen. Then it will start the NSM server services again.
  4. The account to log into the NSM will now be super/netscreen.