Netscreen - Debugging / Troubleshooting

In order to debug and obtain output for the traffic flow through the Netscreen, you will need action a couple of commands, these are shown below,

5gt-> unset ff
filter 0 removed
5gt-> undebug all
5gt-> clear db

5gt-> set ff dst-port 8080
filter added
5gt-> debug flow basic
5gt-> get db str

Below shows you what each command does....

  • unset ff =remove all flow filters
  • undebug all = clears all previous debug settings
  • clear db = clears the debug buffer
  • set ff dst-port 8080 = creates a flow filter for port 8080
  • debug flow basic = sets the debug flow level to basic
  • get db str = shows the debug buffer stream

Once you have got your debug stream buffer you can remove the flow filter, the debug basic and clear the debug buffer.

You can also use the snoop packet capture feature as a troubleshooting tool, the how to guide can be found here

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