Netscreen - Snoop

A great debugging tool feature on the Juniper Netscreens is snoop. Snoop is packet capturing tool which allows you to analysis your traffic on a per packet level.

Below shows you a example of enabling snoop and viewing its output,

5gt->undebug all
5gt->snoop filter ip
5gt->snoop info
5gt->clear db

5gt->get db str

Ok, so what do these commands actually do ?

  1. undebug all = clears all previous debug settings
  2. snoop = enables snoop
  3. snoop filter ip = creates a snoop filter for ip
  4. snoop info = shows snoop info, such as wether snoop is enabled and if the filter is turned on.
  5. clear db = clears the debug buffer
  6. get db str = shows the debug buffer stream

Further information can be found at these links,

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