Brocade ADX – Match-list Port Policy

A match-list provides the ability to content match string based values and mark the application (layer 7) based health-check as either up or down.
When assigning a match-list health-check the match-list is assigned to a port policy. This port policy is then assigned to the virtual server.


1. First we enable Layer 7 health-checks on the webserver

server real webserver1
  port http keepalive

2. When next create a match-list which will bring up the health-check if the string ALIVE is found within the content received from the HTTP /GET that is issues under the port policy.

http match-list matchlist1
  default down
  up simple “ALIVE” log

3. A port policy is created and assigned the port http and configuring to perform a HTTP GET /  and content-match against our previous match-list.

server port-policy ppolicy1
  port http
  protocol http url “GET /”
  protocol http content-match matchlist1

3. Finally the port policy is assigned to the virtual server.

server virtual VIP_192.168.1.100
  port http use-port-policy ppolicy1

Show Commands

The following show commands are especially useful in confirm the status and troubleshooting match-list based health-checks.

  • show commands
  • show http match-list
  • show server bind
  • show log
Rick Donato

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