Brocade ADX - How do I disable a server or port ?

When disabling a service on the Brocade ADX you can either disable the port or real server. Below shows the necessary syntax:

server real <NAME> <IP>

server real <NAME> <IP>
  port ssl disable
  port http disable

When either the server or port is disabled it is important to remember that

  1. new sessions are not accepted
  2. existing sessions will remain active.

Additional Commands

server force-delete - Once this global command is enabled once a real server has been disabled all existing connections are removed within 2 minutes.
clear server session [real server] - Clears all sessions for a real server (pre 12.4j).
clear server all-session real-server rs1 - Clears all sessions for a real server (12.4j and above).
clear server all-session virtual-server vs1 - Clears all sessions for a virtual server (12.4j and above).


Tags: Brocade, ADX