Brocade ADX - Port Profile

Port profiles provide the ability to configure custom settings for individual TCP/UDP ports.
Any port that the ADX deems unknown, is in turn defined as UDP and will send any subsequent health-checks to the port via UDP.
To use a unknown port a port profile must be configured.

(config)# server port 8181
(config-port-8181)#  tcp keepalive use-master-state
(config-port-8181)#  no-fast-bringup
(config-port-8181)#  tcp
(config-port-8181)#  tcp 5
(config-port-8181)#  udp


  1. Using the 'no-fast-bringup' command prevents the port from becoming ACTIVE until the Layer 4 and 7 health checks are successfully completed.
  2. When using port alias`s the command 'tcp keepalive use-master-state' is used to ensure that the state of the master port is used.
  3. 'tcp 5' specifies the TCP timeout value.


As UDP is stateless. At the point the ADX uses a UDP health-check if an ICMP unreachable is received the port is deemed down. However if no response is received from the server then the port is marked up. Depending on the configuration of the server without a port profile configured you may find that the servers are still showing as "Active".