F5 LTM – How do I perform software installations ?

Installation and upgrade of software on the F5 LTM is extremely straight forward.  Each image is installed onto a slot, the slot can then be upgraded or re-imaged.

1. Transfer Image

  1. Create a directory ‘[root@f5:Active] config # mkdir /shared/images/legacy’
  2. Copy the iso image to the directory ‘/shared/images/legacy’ using scp.
  3. Move to the directory ‘[root@f5:Active] config # cd /shared/images/legacy’

2. Version Upgrade

Below shows you the commands required for a version 10 installation. Within this example the image will be installed onto slot HD1.2 (and made the default boot image) with a default config.

image2disk –instslot=HD1.2 –nosaveconfig –setdefault [software image].iso

3. Hotfix Installation

Below shows you the commands required to install a hotfix. Within this example the hotfix will be installed on the image in HD1.2. 

image2disk –instslot=HD1.2 –hotfix [hotfix image].iso

Installation via GUI

To install or upgrade the software version via the web interface goto ‘System / Software Management’. This will also give you the option to import the software package rather then having to scp it across as described in the previous steps.

Rick Donato

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