How do to import Word 2007 styles into Outlook 2007

This article will show you how to load your Word 2007 style sets into Outlook 2007. Styles (also known as tags) are previously saved styling formats. These styles are then applied to text to so they adopt the desired formatting standard. The use of styles saves both time and ensures consistency through your documents.


  1. Within Word goto 'Home - Change Styles - Style Set - Save as Quick Style Set'
  2. Save your Style Set
  3. Within Outlook open a new message.
  4. Goto the 'Format Text' tab and click within body of the window.
  5. Click 'Change Styles'.
  6. Goto 'Style Set' and choose your previously saved Style Set from the list.
  7. Once done click 'Change Styles / Style Set and Save' as default.


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