Vyatta – How to enable flow accounting

Flow accounting provides the ability to display statistics on your network traffic. And is defined on a per interface basis.
Below shows you a quick summary on how to enable flow accounting and also how to view the statistics.


First of all flow accounting is enabled on each of the interfaces.

[email protected]# set system flow-accounting interface eth1
[email protected]# set system flow-accounting interface eth3
[email protected]# commit


There are a number of options for displaying the statistics. The main 2 are shown below.

[email protected]:~$ show flow-accounting interface eth1
Src Addr        Dst Addr       Sport  Dport Proto Packets Bytes  Flows   5121   443   tcp   648     48364  3

Total entries: 43

Total flows : 1
Total pkts : 648
Total bytes : 48364

[email protected]:~$ show flow-accounting interface eth3 port 22
Src Addr        Dst Addr       Sport  Dport Proto Packets Bytes  Flows   5712   22     tcp  648     48364  3   42586  22     tcp  3       180    1   43093  22     tcp  3       180    1

Total entries: 43

Total flows : 45
Total pkts : 772
Total bytes : 55,804

Rick Donato

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