How do I create a page using just a module in Joomla 1.5.x ?


In this scenerio we will require to create a page using only a module. In order to accomplish this we use a built in Joomla Plugin called “Content – Load Module“. This is enabled by installed and enabled by default upon Joomla Installation.

Required Steps

Below details the required steps for created a page using only a module,

  1. Create you module and assign it a module position.
  2. Create an Article. Within the aricle enter only the following text { loadposition [module position]}. Replace [module position] with the position assigned in step one. Example : To use a  module position of footer use the syntax of { loadposition footer}. Note : Ensure you remove the first space from the synatax. This was added so my Joomla site didnt try to add the module.
  3. Create a menu via “Menus | Articles | Article | Article Layout” and select the article you just created.
  4. You will now have a menu item that displays just your one item.
Rick Donato

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