IPSO – Installing a Check Point Package

Below shows you the process of installing a new Check Point package via the CLI,

cp1[admin]# newpkg -m IPSO_wrapper_R65.tgz

Enter pathname to the packages [ or 'exit' to exit ]: /var/emhome/admin

Loading Package List

Package Description: Check Point Suite wrapper package NGX R65

Would you like to :

1. Install this as a new package
2. Upgrade from an old package
3. Skip this package
4. Exit new package installation

Choose (1-4):  1

Installing IPSO_wrapper_R65.tgz

Running IPSO_wrapper_R65/INSTALL PRE /opt/IPSO_wrapper_R65 /var/emhome/admin/IPSO_wrapper_R65.tgz IPSO_wrapper_R65/MANIFEST newpkg
Running IPSO_wrapper_R65/INSTALL POST /opt/IPSO_wrapper_R65 /var/emhome/admin/IPSO_wrapper_R65.tgz IPSO_wrapper_R65/MANIFEST newpkg
It is required to configure Check Point products before activating them,
you can do so by re-login to the machine and running 'cpconfig'
from the command line.
Done installing IPSO_wrapper_R65

End of new package installation
cleaning up ..done
A reboot may be necessary to activate packages.

Reboot the system via running the reboot command. Once rebooted check that the following,

cp1[admin]# fw ver
This is Check Point VPN-1(TM) & FireWall-1(R) NGX (R65) - Build 436

 Then run the cpconfig command via the CLI to initiate the wizard.



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