How to Enable Authentication and Create DB Users in MongoDB

By default authentication is not enabled within Mongo.  In this article we will show you how to enable authentication , create an account for global mongo administration and also create an account for database level authentication. Create UserAdmin First of all we go into the mongo shell and create our admin user. use admin db.createUser( … Read more

MySQL – How to Create/Assign a User to a Database

Below shows you the syntax required to assign a user (along with password) to a MySQL database. This is useful for assigning separate permissions across your databases rather then just assigning root access across the board. mysql> GRANT ALL ON <DATABASE>.* TO <USERNAME>@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘<PASSWORD>’;

How do I Export and Import a MySQL Database ?

There are times during migrations, database restores etc that you will need to export and import your MySQL database. Below shows you the commands required to achieved this. Note : This article is meant as a reference point rather then a full blown article. Export mysqldump -u root -p {database} > db.sql Import mysql -u … Read more

Configuring MongoDB within Django

INTRODUCTION reference to field types – INSTALL MONGO CONFIGURE DJANGO — install — pip install mongoengine — configure django — set settings to dummy mongoengine django – diff version yum install mongo new version install mongo etc into virtual env stop service

MySQL – How to reset a forgotten Root password

I’m sure that we have all done it. Yep, that’s right you’ve forgotten the MySQL root password. Fear not my fellow conrade, with a few simple simple commands you will be back in control. Stop MySQL First of all stop MySQL. /etc/init.d/mysqld stop Connect to MySQL Next instruct MySQL to ignore the GRANT Tables. Then … Read more

How to clone a MySQL database

 Below shows your the steps needed to clone a MySQL database. mysqladmin create [new db name] -u [username] –password=[password] && \mysqldump -u [username] —password=[password] [old db name] | mysql -u [username] –password=[password] -h [host] [new db name]

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