Cisco IPS v6 Risk Ratings

The Cisco IPS Sensor generates risk ratings that are assigned to alerts which provides the administrator with an indication to the severity of the alert. There are  six values which are used in the calculation of the Risk Rating : ASR (Attack severity rating) TVR (Target Value Rating) SFR (Signature fidelity Rating) ARR (Attack relevancy rating) … Read more

Configuring the Cisco IDS Router / Switch Modules

IDSM-2 The IDSM-2 Module is a Cisco IDS blade for the Cisco 6500 switch.Once you install the module into the switch the module uses following logical ports : Port 1 Used for TCP Resets (In Promiscuous Mode) Port 2 Command and Control Port 7 Sensing Port Port 8 Sensing Port Below details the steps required … Read more

Cisco IDS Re-imaging Procedures

There are a number of reasons or circumstances where you may need to rebuild your Cisco IDS. Rebuilding refers to the reinstallation of the application software. This will tho mean that all of your configuration changes will be wiped, apart from your management configuration when reimaging your sensor via the CLI. There are 3 ways … Read more

Create a Read Only account

Below shows you the commands for creating a read-only account on a Cisco IDS. username <username> privilege viewer password <password>   copy current-config backup-config

Cisco IDS Commands

Event Log commands packet display Traffic sniffer show statistics event-store [clear] IDS Event Logs show statistics event-store  IDS Event Logs show events [type] IDS Event Logs> System commands show interfaces Show interfaces show configuration Show system config show statistics logger System Logs show statistics sdee-server Show sdee server show statistics analysis-engine Show analysis stats show … Read more

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