SmartView Monitor shows device status as Problem


  • Within the Smartview Monitor you may find that the device status is shown as “Problem”.
  • Within Smartview Monitor you are unable to find any further details for what is causing the issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

This article isn’t a solution to the issue but more of a pointer to a stepping stone on finding what is causing this error.
Within the CLI of the box run the following command :

# cpstat -f all os

Product Name:                            SVN Foundation
SVN Foundation Major Version:            6
SVN Foundation Minor Version:            2
SVN Foundation Service Pack:             0
SVN Foundation Version String:           NGX (R65) HFA_50, Hotfix 650
SVN Foundation Build Number:             620650036
SVN Foundation Status code:              2
SVN Foundation Status short:        Problem
SVN Foundation Status long:         FireWall-1 daemon (fwd) is not running

OS Name:                                 IPSO
OS Major Version:                        4
OS Minor Version:                        2

This should provide you with some additional information for troubleshooting the issue.

In this case, where fwd is not running. We know that this would prevent any logs being sent to the log manager. Due to this we would be able to see log buffer full errors within the /var/log/messages and therefore pinpoint when this happened and in turn what else happened around this time. 
In this instance the fwd crashed due to a policy push which is currently a known issue with Check Point (sk42589), which they supply a Hotfix for once a service request has been raised to them.

Please note : This article is based on R65 HFA50 / IPSO 4.2.

Rick Donato

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