Creating a VLAN Trunk on a Netscreen Firewall

Below shows you the basic configuration on how to create a VLAN trunk on a Netscreen Firewall.
A VLAN trunk is a term used to describe a collection of logical interfaces, each one being able to receive and de-capsulate VLAN tagged packets for its relevant VLAN.

In this example our trunk will consist of 2 logical interfaces. 1 interface being for VLAN 10 and the other for VLAN 20.

set zone id 100 "Int-VLAN10"
set zone id 101 "DMZ-VLAN20"

set interface ethernet0/0.10 tag 10 zone "Int-VLAN10"
set interface ethernet0/0.10 ip
set interface ethernet0/0.10 route

set interface ethernet0/0.20 tag 20 zone "DMZ-VLAN20"
set interface ethernet0/0.20 ip
set interface ethernet0/0.20 route

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