Creating CLI Views on a Cisco Router

CLI Views allow your to to create sub administrator within your Cisco device. This can also be thought of as an extension to privilege levels, giving you further granularity over what your users are allowed to do.

Creating views

Below shows you the commands required to create a view mode. In all the examples we use SHOWMODE and HELPDESK and view mode names, these could be changed to anything you want. Also to access the root view (which allows you to administrator all the view modes) use the command enable view.

# aaa new-model
# enable view [when prompted for password enter your privilege mode password]
# conf t
(config)# parser view SHOWMODE
(config-view)# secret [password]
(config-view)# commands exec include all show
(config)# parser view HELPDESK
(config-view)# secret [password]
(config-view)# commands exec include all show
(config-view)# commands exec include configure terminal
(config-view)# commands configure include ip route
(config-view)# commands configure include all interface

Logging into a Viewmode

In order to move yourself into a particular view mode once you logged in use the following command.

enable view SHOWMODE

You can also configure the user so that when they log into the router they are logged directly into their view mode. The following commands are included below :

username showadmin view SHOWMODE secret [password]


Superviews provide you with the ability to combine difference view modes. Below shows an example where we combine the 2 view modes HELPDESK and SHOWMODE.

(config)# parser view SV superview
(config-view)# secret [password]
(config-view)# view HELPDESK
(config-view)# view SHOWMODE
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