Installing Cisco MARS 6.0.7 onto VMware

Below shows you the steps required in install Cisco MARS 6.0.7 onto VMware.

!! This is purley a proof of concept and we do not endorse the use of the steps below in any environment (or situation) !!

Steps :

  1. First of all download the recovery ISO from Cisco for CS MARS 6.0.7.
  2. Download the Ubuntu ISO. You can find it here.
  3. Create a VM with 512MB Ram, 2 x 120Gb IDE Drives and 2 x E1000 NICs.
  4. Mount the recovery ISO to the VM and power on.
  5. Run through the installation, choosing "local controller".
  6. Once install login using "pnadmin/pnadmin"
  7. Detach the recovery ISO and attach the Ubuntu CD.
  8. Assign an IP address using the command "ifconfig [interface] [ip add] [netmask]" and then allow it to reboot.
  9. On reboot your machine should boot into the Ubuntu CD. Select the first option (This is the Live CD option)
  10. Once you are in Ubuntu open up a terminal. 
  11. Assign your interface an IP address and default gateway. 
  12. Run the following commands. Click here to view.
  13. Detach the Ubuntu CD so you boot straight into MARS.
  14. Once loaded goto the web interface via https://[ip address]
  15. For the serial number enter all 0`s.

ESX Notes

When creating a VM within ESX (vSphere or vCentre) you will need to ensure you use a Bus Logic Controller and select the disks to be IDE. One disk should sit on IDE0:0 and the other on IDE1:0.


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