F5 LTM – Network Address Translation (NAT)

Big IP`s F5 LTM offers 2 types of NAT. These are SNAT and NAT.

SNAT (Secure Network Address Translation) provides source NAT. The SNAT option ‘Automap’ enables source NAT`ing (SNAT) based on the IP address of the egress interface.
NAT (Network Address Translation) – NAT provides a static one to one NAT translation.

Configuring SNAT

Based on the following steps all traffic passing through the specified Virtual Server IP will be translated to a source address of the egress interface.

  1. Within the Navigation pane go to Local Traffic > Virtual Servers.
  2. Select your Virtual Server.
  3. Within General Properties select Advanced.
  4. Within the SNAT Pool drop down select Automap.
  5. Click Update.

Configuring NAT

  1. Within the Navigation pane go to Local Traffic.
  2. Go to SNATs > NAT List. Then select create.
  3. Add  the required details.
  4. Click finished.

SNAT Configuration Options

Below explains the various NAT options that are available via ‘Web UI / Local Traffic / SNAT’.

SNAT List – Within the SNAT List you can apply SNAT to a range of IP addresses.
SNAT Pool List – A SNAT Pool List allows you to define a pool of addresses. This pool can then be referenced within either a virtual server or a SNAT List.
SNAT Translation List – Within the SNAT Translation List the SNAT translation properties for an individual IP can be customized.
NAT List – The NAT List provides the necessary configuration parameters for creating a static one to one NAT.

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