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PIX – Logging Buffer – View logs on your PIX

If you need to view the logs on your pix, as you haven’t got a syslog server, or you haven’t got access to it, you can access the logs on the pix itself and grep your way through, by using and enabling the logging buffer. Below shows you how to enable and disable the logging … Read more

Router – Installing IOS onto new FLASH

You will need to first install the flash module into the device. Then run the following commands via the console port (rommon), to check your systems resources for the install. rommon 1 > devrommon 2 > meminfo    Then to copy it from your tftp server… rommon 3 > IP_ADDRESS=     rommon 4 > IP_SUBNET_MASK=   rommon 5 … Read more

Configuring AAA on a Cisco PIX

Below shows the required configuration commands for configuring AAA. Authentication Interactive user #(config) aaa-server <server name> protocol <tacacs/radius>#(config) aaa-server <server name> <interface> host <AAA server IP>#(config) aaa authentication include <https/https/ftp/telnet>  inbound 0 0 0 0#(config) access-list 111 permit tcp any any eq ftp#(config) aaa authentication match 111 <interface> <AAA server name> Console Access #(config) aaa … Read more

Cisco PIX – Routing

Static To send all traffic to out the outside interface.To send any traffic in to out the inside interface (config)#Route outside 0 0 inside RIP Allow RIP updates to be received on the outside interface with a key of cisco and id of 2.Pass RIP updates out the … Read more

Enabling ASDM upon your PIX

Below shows you how to enable ASDM upon your PIX. First of all you will need to copy the ASDM image to you PIX firewall. I find the easiest way to do this is to enable scopy (scp) on your pix using the command ssh scopy enable. And then using the putty tool pscp to … Read more

Configuring HA Failover on a PIX Firewall

Below shows you how to configure stateful LAN based failover. Primary (config)#interface eth0(config-if)#nameif inside(config-if)#ip add standby (config)#interface eth1(config-if)#no nameif(config-if)#no shut (config)#interface eth2(config-if)#no nameif(config-if)#no shut (config)#failover(config)#failover lan unit primary(config)#failover lan interface failover eth1(config)#failover lan enable(config)#failover key <key>(config)#failover link state eth2(config)#failover interface ip failover standby interface ip state standby … Read more

How do I Enable SNMP on a PIX / ASA ?

Below shows you the commands to enable SNMP (polls or traps) on PIX/ASA v7.x or later….. pix(config)# snmp-server host [interface_name] [ip_address] trap community [community string] pix(config)# snmp-server host [interface_name] [ip_address] poll community [community string]

How to enable SSH on a PIX

Below shows you the necessary steps required to enable SSH on a PIX firewall, crypto key generate rsa modulus 1024ssh [ip] [mask] [interface]aaa authentication ssh console LOCALusername [username] password[password] privilege 15