Juniper Netscreen Commands


get counter statistics Show interface statistics (CRC errors etc)
get interface trust port phy Show physical ports for a certain zone
get driver phy Show all link states of interfaces
get counter statistics interface ethernet3 Show hardware stats on interface
set interface [interface] no-subnet-conflict-check  Allows you to configure multiple interfaces in the same IP broadcast domain.

Current Settings / Values

get envar get environment variable
get config get device configuration
get system get system information
get arp get arp cache
get route get routing table
get system | i Box get port-mode
get alg h323 counters get the ALG counters
get alg get status of ALGs (disabled or enabled)
get sys-cfg get default settings for the device
get sys scale get basic system limits
get debug get currently enabled debug level
get tcp  get system socket information


get mip get mip (nat)
get vip get vip (nat)
get nat cookie get show nat cookies

Statistics / Performance

get perf cpu detail  get cpu performance 
get session info get load on firewall 
get counter flow  Show flow stats (fragmentation etc)
get counter screen Show screen stats (SYN Floods etc)


clear ike-cookie [gateway ip]  clear ike cookies
clear sa [id]
clear sa
get vpn show vpns


get nsrp cluster Show cluster info
get nsrp monitor Show list of monitored interfaces
get nsrp vsd id 0 Show VSD id 0
get counters ha Show HA interface hardware counters
exec nsrp sync global-config check-sum Allows you to see if the cluster configs are syncronised
exec nsrp sync global save Sync's the nodes.A reboot is required to complete the update.
exec nsrp vsd-group 0 mode Fails over the cluster. Run this command on the Master node.


set interface ethernet0/1 igmp router enable IGMP on interface eth0/1
get vrouter trust-vr protocol pim get the multicast sources visible to your ScreenOS device


set exec port-mode set the port mode
set flow tcp-mss 1460 sets the MSS

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